New Acid Order Vol.2

NEW ACID ORDER is back! This time with VOL.2. Starring artists from Macedonia, Greece, Holland, Spain, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, England, Austria, Czech Republic, Colombia, France, Angola, Russia and U.S.A.

Accidental Melody, Mr BC, Endicot House, Alavux, Acrux, Azo and Kamikaze Mary, Huma-Noyd, Hardsilence, Morizio, Ciaran Byrne, More Acid, Acid Chat, Disco Morato, The Foot Tapper, Castor & Katz, Control Freak, El Traste, Carles Benedet, Modernphase, Leeandro Silva & Kulas, Acid Feen, Daniel Tavares, Budel, Flex Rock, Trippin Fox, Red Weeller, LJ and Decoder303.

Arttwork: Judith Carson
Sound Engineer : Hugo Oliveira aka Hardsilence
Executive Producer: Joao Nathis alias Acid Driver

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